Bakulev Vasiliy Alekseevich

bakulev2.jpg (27027 bytes) Birth Date: 06.04.1950.

Education: The Urals State University, Faculty of Chemistry, Sverdlovsk, Russia (1972).

Title: Professor of the Department of Technology of Organic Synthesis of the Urals State Technical University.

Area of expertise: Aliphatic and heterocyclic diazo compounds, 1,2,3-thiadiazoles and -triazoles and their rearrangements, heteroelectrocyclic reactions.

Last publications:

  1. Bersesneva V.S., Tkachev A.T. Morzherin Yu.Yu., Dehaen W., Lueten I., Toppet S., and Bakulev V. A. J.Chem.Soc. Perkin I, 1998, p 2133-36.
  2. Bakulev V. A. Russian Chemical Reviews. 1995, 64(2), 99 -124.
  3. Bakulev V. A.; Tarasov E.V., Lebedev A. T.; Dankova E. F.; Mokrushin V.S.; Petrosyan V. S.Tetrahedron. 1989, vol. 45, (23), 7329-40.
  4. Bakulev V. A.; Morzherin Yu., ., Lueten I., Toppet S., Dehaen W. Tetrahedron. 1998, 54, 8501 - 8514.
  5. Bakulev V. A.; Morzherin Yu. Yu.; Lebedev A. T.; etc. Bull. Soc. Chim. Belg. 1993, 493 - 502.

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