Plenary and Invited Lectures

Pdf-versions of the documents
were prepared by Valentina Z. Petukhova

Vladimir A. Barkhash
pdf.gif (464 bytes) Molecular Rearrangements of Terpenoids: Prognosis and Reality

Armin de Meijere
pdf.gif (464 bytes) New Synthesis of Physiologically Active Cyclopropane Derivatives

Giancarlo Cravotto
pdf.gif (464 bytes) Biologically Active Diterpenoids: Synthesis of Anlogues of Paclitaxel and Resiniferatoxin

Dmitrii G. Knorre
Affinity Modification of Nucleic Acids as Novel Approach to Antitumor and Antiviral Drugs

Pavel F. Vlad
pdf.gif (464 bytes) Synthesis of Drimanic Sesquiterpenoids from Labdanoides

Vladimir A. Khripach
pdf.gif (464 bytes) Brassinostreroids: New Horizons of Study and Application

Kunio Ogasawara
pdf.gif (464 bytes) Enantiocontrolled Natural Product Synthesis Using Designed Chiral Building Blocks

Jerzy Wicha
pdf.gif (464 bytes) Enantioselective Approaches to Vitamin D Total Synthesis

Edward P. Serebryakov, Andrei V. Vasil'ev, Galina D. Gamalevich and Galina V. Kryshtal
pdf.gif (464 bytes) Simple Protocols for Stereocontrolled Synthesis of Acyclic Low-Molecular Bioregulators

Takayuki Oritani
pdf.gif (464 bytes) Synthesis of Ambregris-fragrances and (+)-Ambrein

Wittko Francke
pdf.gif (464 bytes) Pheromones: Identification and Synthesis of Bicyclic Acetals

Arkady A. Semenov
pdf.gif (464 bytes) Natural Immuno-Modulators from Siberian Plants

Michael P. Coogan, Jane R. Hanrahan, David W. Knight, Mathew P. Leese and Rhys Salter
pdf.gif (464 bytes) New Aspects of the Reverse-Cope Elimination - a Classic Reaction Goes Backwards

Valery N. Kalinin
pdf.gif (464 bytes) New Approaches in Sydnone Chemistry (not presented)

Aede de Groot, Ben J. M. Jansen, Tommi M. Meulemans, Louis H. D. Jenniskens, Svetlana V. Dratch, Alexander Baranovsky, Elena Zhernosek, and Fliur Macaev
pdf.gif (464 bytes) S-(+)- and R-(-)-Carvone as Starting Material in the Enantioselective Synthesis of Natural Products

Victor I. Ovcharenko
pdf.gif (464 bytes) From Paramagnetic Imidazolines to Biocompatible Molecular Magnets Based on Metal Complexes with Spin-labled Lidands

Tatyana V. Leshina, Alexander I. Kruppa, Nicolas E. Polyakov, Marc B. Taraban, Olga S. Volkova, Victor F. Plusnin
pdf.gif (464 bytes) The Potentialities of Spin Chemistry Methods in the Investigations of the Elementary Acts of Complex Reactions Including Biologically Relevant Processes

Jose Barluenga
pdf.gif (464 bytes) Organometallic Approaches to Basic Skeletons of Active Substances

Svetlana V. Khotimchenko, Irina V. Kulikova, Victor E. Vaskovsky
pdf.gif (464 bytes) Lipids of Marine Macrophytic Algae (not presented)

Georgii B. Elyakov
pdf.gif (464 bytes) New Trends of Marine Biotechnology Development (not presented)

Vasiliy A. Bakulev
pdf.gif (464 bytes) Synthesis of Sulfur-Containing Heterocycles Based on The Intermolecular and Intramolecular Cyclization of Thioamides

Olga I. Lavrik
pdf.gif (464 bytes) Photoaffinity Labeling as an Approach for Analysis of DNA Replicative Machinery

Valentina F. Zarytova
pdf.gif (464 bytes) Oligonucleotides as Prospective Therapeutic Drugs

Valery N. Charushin, Oleg N. Chupakhin
pdf.gif (464 bytes) Synthesis of Biologically Active Compounds in the Series of Fluorinated Azaheterocycles

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