Charushin Valery Nikolaevich.

charus.jpg (20859 bytes) Birth date: May 10, 1951 (Ekalerinburg's Region).

Nationality: Russian

Title: Professor, Doctor of Chemical Sciences (Organic Chemistry), Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Current position: Professor of Organic Chemistry Department, Urals State Technical University Ekaterinburg, 620002, RUSSIA,

Telephone and fax: (7)-3432-440458.

or_diam.gif (203 bytes)Area of expertise:

Organic chemistry and technology, medicinal chemistry, analysis of organic compounds, environmental analysis.

or_diam.gif (203 bytes)Education and professional activity:

  • Student of the Urals State Technical University (USTU) (1968-1973), Earned degree - Chemical Technology Engineer (1973).
  • Post-graduate course at Organic Chemistry Department of USTU (1973 - 1976), Earned degree - Candidate of Chemical Sciences (Organic, Chemistry) (1976).
  • Research fellow at Organic Chemistry Department of USTU (1976 - 1981, 1983 - 1987), Earned degree - Doctor of Chemical Sciences (Organic Chemistry) (1987).
  • Post-doctoral fellowship at the Laboratory of- Orphic Chemistry of Agricultural University of Wageningen (The Netherlands) (1981 - 1982, 1988)
  • Full professor of Organic Chemistry of USTU (1987- up to now).
  • A corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (elected in 1997),

or_diam.gif (203 bytes)Publications:

Author of over 200 publications, including 4 monographs and 10 review articles in the fields of heterocyclic and medicinal chemistry

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