Jose Barluenga

barl3.jpg (24757 bytes) Title: Professor

Place of born: Tardienta (Spain)

Current Address: Institute of Organometallic Chemistry "E. Moles" University of Oviedo, Spain

I. Education

greenbal.gif (204 bytes)B.S. Degree: University of Zaragoza (Spain), 1963
greenbal.gif (204 bytes)Ph.D. Degree: University of Zaragoza (Spain), 1966 Advisor: Prof. V. Gomez-Aranda
greenbal.gif (204 bytes)Postdoctoral Stay: 1967-1970 Max-Planck Institut fur Kohlenforschung Mulheim a.d. Ruhr (Germany) greenbal.gif (204 bytes)Supervisor: Prof. Hoberg

II. Professional Positions

greenbal.gif (204 bytes)Research Associate (1970-1972), Spanish Council for Scientific Research
greenbal.gif (204 bytes)Associate Professor (1972-1975), University of Zaragoza
greenbal.gif (204 bytes)Professor of Organic Chemistry (1975- ), University of Oviedo

III. Scientific data

greenbal.gif (204 bytes)Author of over 400 papers
greenbal.gif (204 bytes)Member of various chemical societies: American, German, Great Britain, Spanish
greenbal.gif (204 bytes)Awards from: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, DuPont Spain, Iberdrola (major Spanish energy company), CEOE (Spanish Council of Entrepreneurs Organizations)

IV. Research Interest

greenbal.gif (204 bytes)Developing of new and selective synthetic methodologies
greenbal.gif (204 bytes)Study of the usefulness of conventional and functionalized Fischer carbene complexes of group 6
greenbal.gif (204 bytes)Application of metal complexes of group 4
greenbal.gif (204 bytes)Synthesis of biologically active molecules
greenbal.gif (204 bytes)Heterocyclization reactions of imine-, azadiene- and related derivatives
greenbal.gif (204 bytes)Catalytic "carbon-carbon" coupling reactions without the assistance of transition metal complexes

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