Takayuki Oritani

Title: Professor

orit1.jpg (23502 bytes) or_diam.gif (203 bytes)1966 March: Ph.D from Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Agricultural Chemistry (Laboratory of Organic Chemistry), Tokyo University.
or_diam.gif (203 bytes)1963 May - 1966 March: Temporary Research Employee (Graduate Student of Tokyo University) of Japanese Takasago Perfumery Industrial Company.
or_diam.gif (203 bytes)1966 April - 1967 March: Research Fellow of Japanese Takasago Perfumery Industrial Company, Research Institute.
or_diam.gif (203 bytes)1967 May - 1979 February: Instructor, Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, Tohoku University.
or_diam.gif (203 bytes)1975 May -1977 May: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Organic Chemistry, Glasgow
University, U.K.
or_diam.gif (203 bytes)1979 May - 1991 May: Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Tohoku University.
or_diam.gif (203 bytes)1991 June - Present: Professor (Bioorganic Chemistry), Division of Life Science, Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tohoku University.

Research Field (Scientific data and Research Interests):

cy_diam.gif (231 bytes)Chemical Studies on Ambergris (1963-continual)
cy_diam.gif (231 bytes)Organic Synthesis using Microbial Enzymes. (Practically Optical Resolution method using microbial lipase originated with me, 1980-).
cy_diam.gif (231 bytes)Bioorganic Studies on Abscisic Acid (a plant hormone), Synthesis, Biosynthesis, Structure-Activities Relationships). 1968-
greenbal.gif (204 bytes)Synthetic Studies on Agricultural Antibiotics. 1980-
greenbal.gif (204 bytes)Bioorganic Studies on Taxanediterpenoids in Japanese and Chinese yews. Separation and Structural elucidation of Taxanediterpenoids .1991-
greenbal.gif (204 bytes)Synthetic Studies on Annonaceous Acetogenins. 1991-

Hobby: Fishing and Hill (Mountain) Walking to find Strange Plants and Fungi for Research Developments.

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